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Convenient, professional Property investment services

If you prefer to delegate the management of your property investments to Prime Assetz , our discretionary portfolio management service provides you with access to the extensive resources of the Prime Assetz Group. You get a designated Portfolio Manager who utilises the best of our global research and investment capabilities on your behalf to deliver your investment objectives and meet your financial goals. It’s a convenient, low-maintenance solution that allows you to concentrate on your business or personal interests, confident that your assets are being professionally managed.

Our discretionary property portfolio management service offers you:
  • The collective experience of Prime Assetz portfolio managers and investment specialists, located in India and globally.
  • The best of our global research and investment capabilities.
  • State of the art investment techniques.
  • A comprehensive range of property investment solutions in line with the investment objectives agreed by you.
  • Constant oversight and decision-making with the aim of ensuring your property portfolio remains on track to achieve your financial aims.
  • Regular reports and statements to keep you fully up-to-date.
A comprehensive selection of investments

We have a range of property investment solutions available depending on your financial objectives, whether you are targeting a desired level of income or seeking capital growth. For larger portfolios, your investments can be highly tailored to meet more specific needs.
Whatever the market conditions, our aim is to ensure your property portfolio is always in the right place at the right time.